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Compensation Strategy and Principals

  • Overall strategy and approach for executive compensation.
  • Guiding principles that form the foundation of a program. Principles include reference to pay positioning of peer group selection, variability of compensation and the role of stock ownership.
  • Development of Executive Compensation disclosure for shareholder circulars.

Executive Base Salary Management

  • Comprehensive salary benchmarking using published surveys, publicly disclosed salary information, industry studies and other sources.
  • Development of salary management programs to reflect merit, promotions, performance and scope of responsibilities.

Annual Incentive Design

  • Development of framework for annual incentives, including eligibility, granting of awards and performance objectives.
  • Link performance metrics to business plan goals/industry metrics.
  • Demonstrate outcomes using modeling and other techniques.
  • Development of incentive plan communication materials.
  • Development of incentive plan administration tools.

Long Term Incentive Design

  • Creation of long-term incentives consistent with business needs and goals.
  • Development of equity based ownership plans.
  • Creation of cash based multi-period incentive arrangements.

Pensions and Other Arrangements

  • Design of supplemental plans reflecting overall market conditions and business need.

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